Children's Poet Laureate

A Fine Fat Pig

Harper Collins, 1991.

Illustrated by Malcah Zeldis.

The fine fat pig, the grumpy donkey, the magical zebra, the splendid lion, and many other creatures gather together in an exuberant collection of poems and paintings. In this unusual collaboration, the pictures were painted first by folk artist Zeldis and Hoberman's poems followed. The result is a magical menagerie of words and images, colorful, witty, and completely original.

Look inside the book!

"The 14 poems in this sprightly collection are bursting with word-play and foot- stomping rhythms that will give young readers new ways to appreciate familiar creatures."

Publishers Weekly

"These 14 poems highlight the characteristics of certain animals with sly wit and language play…Each of the poems is paired with a vividly-colored folk painting that reflects the content and humor of the poem…"

School Library Journal

"What makes this a book with more staying power is the artistry of Mary Ann Hoberman's clever animal poems. What a treat to encounter new poetry for children that a parent can't envision getting sick of."

Washington Post Book World