Children's Poet Laureate

Bill Grogan’s Goat

Megan Tingley Books, Little, Brown & Co., 2002.

Illustrated by Nadine Bernard Westcott.

When Bill Grogan's Goat uses Bill's red shirts to flag down a passing train, his adventures are just beginning in this uproarious adaptation of an old favorite. Another of the popular Sing-Along Stories collaborations between Hoberman and Westcott, this one takes the clever goat on a wild train adventure with an engineer and some rowdy barnyard animals.

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Bill Grogan’s Goat

"A jaunty and humorous version of the familiar song…the rhyme moves merrily along, succinctly describing the comic scenes that unfold."

School Library Journal

"Hoberman and Westcott team up for another rousing rendition of a popular children's chant."

Publishers Weekly

"A humorous continuation of a childhood favorite…and a tune that readers will be hard-pressed to get out of their heads."