Children's Poet Laureate

Right Outside My Window

Mondo, 2002.

Illustrated by Nicholas Wilton.

With each new season comes something special: the springtime wind whipping up a kite, summertime clouds sailing by in the sky, falling leaves drifting to the ground, snowflakes tumbling down in winter. In evocative verse the simple delights of every season take on an air of wonder. And best of all, the magic awaits within reach of every child - "right outside my window."

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Right Outside My Window

"With two brief lines per page, Hoberman focuses on precise details associated with each season…This lyrical offering is just right any time of year."

Publishers Weekly

"The many delights that a child might see throughout the seasons by looking out the window are suggested in simple rhymed couplets…A quiet poetic picture book to share with the very young."

School Library Journal