Children's Poet Laureate

The Cozy Book

Browndeer Press, Harcourt Brace & Co., 1995.

Illustrated by Betty Fraser*.

From waking up until bedtime, a cozy day unfolds - from tastes ("Melted cheese that's nice and runny/Fresh-baked muffins dripping honey") to smells ("Fresh-dug earth/New-mown hay/New-cut grass/New-born day") to sounds ("The gurgle that a gargle makes/The giggle when a tickle takes") to words, places, people, feelings, and finally going to sleep ("Droopy/Drifty/ Drowsy/Dozy/Dream of everything that's cozy").

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The Cozy Book

"…thoroughly childhood-affirming. A good choice for lap-time sharing."

Publishers Weekly

"Sure to be a favorite."

Horn Book

"Children will savor the engaging rhymes and pictures again and again, inspiring them to add their own cozy words. A delightful book! Children's Book

Review Service

"If you loved A House is a House for Me, you'll like this every bit as much."

Children's Book Quarterly

"Brimming with delightful, humorous illustrations of a child's world-home, food, play, smells, sounds, words, places, people, and feelings."

Children's Literature


* This is a re-issue, with new illustrations, of a book originally published in1980.