Children's Poet Laureate

The Two SilliesThe Two Sillies

Gulliver Books, Harcourt, Inc., 2000.

Illustrated by Lynne Cravath.

Getting a pet cat should be simple - but it isn't for Silly Lilly. At the advice of her friend Sammy, she finds herself cutting down trees, building a shed, even buying a cow in her quest for a cat. Is all this work really necessary? And what should Sammy do about the mice that appear so mysteriously? Told in rollicking rhyme, the story follows the two friends on a circuitous giggle-inducing path to a happy ending.

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"In measured, never forced verse, Hoberman's flighty - or is it grounded - romp introduces Lilly who wants a cat like her friend Sammy's…Readers will likely cotton to these silly - or are they sage? - pals."

Publishers Weekly

"Hoberman's rhymes are ever a pleasure…Hoberman cares as much about the story, which is droll and warm, as she does about the pleasing rhyme scheme. The well-paced repetitions in particular have the fine thrumming quality of a spoken charm…a crowd pleaser."


"This delightfully silly tale has it all - a clever, rhyming text for read-aloud fun and colorful, cartoon-style pictures that are great for browsing."